Rope Halter DVD

Tie Your Own Rope Halter Instructional DVD


Rope halters have much to offer you and your horse. Improve your horsemanship and save money by tying your own. This video takes you through all the steps needed to make your own professionally tied rope halter. You will also learn which types of rope to use, how to finish your halter for function and durability and how to properly fit and tie it onto your horse. You will tie your own halter in no time at all when you follow Tyler's easy to understand instructions and watch his step-by-step process. Running time 50 minutes.

What people are saying about the video:

" I purchased the rope halter kit last year and had great success making a halter from my mare.  This year I purchased some rope to make a rope halter for my 12.2 hand pony - and just completed that last night in less than an hour!  The instructional DVD is wonderful!" -D. M. Minnesota

"Using this video makes halter tying easy. I used to try to do them with the printed instructions from a magazine. This is 100% better!" J.L. SD