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Tyler & Greg enjoy starting colts. Their program is based on a good solid foundation that includes the owner in the process. We encourage the owner to participate in as much of the groundwork and riding as possible. The final few rides are put on by the owner before the horse heads home. This helps both the horse and owner be confident in each other as they begin their journey together. Below you will find a video of Tyler working with a young colt.

(When watching this video, please note that we do not in any way support the practice of bridle-less riding nor incorporate riding without a bridle into our training methods. This video is solely for the purpose of demonstrating our attempt to ride our horses with our whole body, not just our hands and strive to become one with our horse as we ride)


Tyler was a demonstrator each day at the NE Horse Expo in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 12-14, 2010

(photo by Swinarski Photography, Omaha, NE)



Search "Tyler Schiferl" at www.youtube.com to see more video clips!

Starting colts over "Spring Break '09". This is the 3rd ride for this colt!


Swingin' the rope on a new colt


The 7th ride



Early groundwork in the roundpen



The 10th ride