Sturdy & durable, these rope halters are black in color
and made from 5/16" braided polypropylene with a
11' yacht cord lead and leather popper.

Order halter with or without lead rope/popper

Order with or without lead

MECATE - $69.00

This 22' mecate is 8 plait braided around a core to make a 1/2" square braid. It is finished with a Spanish ring knot tied on one end and a leather popper on the other. It has a nice feel. We use the rope halters & mecates exclusively on our ranch.

Available in three color choices

Colors Available


(see below - black with tan; brown with tan; green with tan)



Slobber straps are made from 10-12 oz leather, these straps measure 16" overall & 1 3/4" wide (at widest point)

Slobber Straps



BIT HOBBLE  (3 Color Choices) $9.00


Bit hobble braided with two sliding ring knots to securely attach it to your bit.

Available in green/tan; black/tan; brown/tan - $9.00

Bit Hobble


NIGHTLATCH - $39.00 ea.

You will never have to “fish” for your nightlatch again! Through their unique construction, our nightlatches fasten tightly to the swells of your saddle and leave handle sticking out away from the swells – always in the same place for easy access when you might need it quickly! Nightlatches are hand-sewn and made of heavy 1” leather with a roller buckle. Note: we leave nightlatches “unpunched” so that you can custom fit them tightly to your swells. If requested, we will punch holes free of charge. (See our custom gallery for more elaborate design choices or order below in basic colors)

Colors Available

Twist tie hobbles feature finished braided button and sliding keeper ring knot. All hobbles made with soft but strong white rope and colored button and slider knot. Please specify color choice.


Color Options For Hobble Buttons

Bucket Holder $6

(slide colors may vary slightly from what is shown)

This bucket holder makes hanging grain and water an ease. Tied with a fiador knot and locks with a sliding ring knot. This can also be used as a "night latch" or "buck strap" (please specify larger length to fit around your swells for this use)

Bucket Holder