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Jan's newest album release "Waving Of The Grass"

I've been told that my great grandmother, who homesteaded to South Dakota from Denmark, spent her lifetime feeling homesick for her homeland but love for her family kept her tied to America. "Waving of the Grass" was written with admiration for her. I'm grateful for my heritage, rooted deep in the Dakota prairie. This album represents the music I listened to when growing up (those great old traditional country tunes) and also the songs that I hear in that ever waving grass. I hope you can hear them too!

So many talented musicians featured on this album. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

"The Game Horse", Jan's first album shares a glimpse into her life and love of God, family, friends, the cowboy life, bluegrass & traditional country music.


 "THE GAME HORSE" was awarded "Old Time Western CD of the Year" by the Rural Roots Music Commission!!!!


Together with fine musicians Dalton Coffey, Boyd Bristow, Kenny Putnam, Al Slaathaug, Don Saxton & Guy Larson, Jan shares familiar tunes along with original compositions. One of Jan's songs, "The Game Horse", is the story of a champion barrel horse, now much older as a young girl's babysitter who becomes that young barrel horse once again when she takes him around the cans.

Enjoy this story video dedicated to "That One Horse You'll Never Forget"

Jan Schiferl Performance Calendar   Jan Schiferl Speaker/Presenter